"I had neck and left shoulder pain. I was
skeptical of chiropractic and did not want to go
to one. Dr. Holland changed my feelings about
chiropractic because in two weeks my problems
were completely gone! I even sent my husband to
Dr. Holland and he helped to get rid of his
headaches. My advice is for everyone to go to a
chiropractic doctor, especially Dr. Holland."

Susan M., St. Charles, MO

"I have had neck and back pain for years to the
point that I could hardly move. I used Alleve
and Ibuprophen but it didn't really help. With
adjustments, ice packs and streches in a few
visits I could move again. If you are sick,
suffering or in pain see Dr. Holland!"

Connie H., St. Charles, MO

"I had a terrible car accident and my neck and
headaches were awful. I couldn't work or play
with my kids. My X-rays looked terrible, but Dr.
Holland kept my spirits up and worked gently
with me. Now my X-rays are back to normal and I
am happy to say no more headaches or neck pain!"

Diane B., St. Charles, MO